Duchess Street Productions.

Rights to adapt Walking to Greenham

Rights acquired the to Ann Pettitt’s story of a movement that changed the world.

Duchess Street Productions have secured the TV rights to Ann Pettitt’s iconic story of the 1981 Women’s March to Greenham. Walking To Greenham will be adapted for screen by Daisy Coulam (Grantchester, Humans, Deepwater Fell).

During the 1980s the world had become consumed with the nuclear arms race, the Cold War and the battle for nuclear supremacy between the East and West, Reagan and Gorbachev. However, As the UK prepared for the arrival of 96 American Tomahawk Nuclear Missiles, each with the capacity to annihilate a small town, one woman in a corner of the UK watched the terrible reality unfold. Scared and unable to comprehend why no one seemed to be doing anything, Ann Pettitt began to mobilise.

On 27th August 1981, along with 39 other women, Ann set off on the 120-mile walk from Cardiff Town Hall to Greenham Military Base in Berkshire. The ten day march was the start of something remarkable and despite being labelled by the press as lentil eating, man-hating, aggressors, at the height of the protest the group were 70,000 strong in numbers.

Too powerful to ignore: nuclear disarmament gained support internationally. The women inspired peace camps all over the world. Eventually their message reached the highest echelons of power and their protest swayed public opinion and in turn helped bring Reagan and Gorbachev to the negotiating table.

On the 2nd February 2019, President Putin suspended Russia’s involvement in the INF Nuclear Forces Treaty, following a similar decision by President Trump. Now, almost 40 years after Ann Pettitt marched to Greenham, (40th anniversary in 2021) a new Cold War threatens. Ann’s incredible story is a timely reminder of how much the voices of ordinary people really can change the minds of the most powerful players on our political world stages.

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