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UKTV pre-invests in World’s Greatest Palaces

Woodcut unveils its latest production to be broadcast on Yesterday later this year.

A pre-investment deal for World’s Greatest Palaces has been agreed with multichannel broadcaster UKTV and the new series is to be deficit financed and distributed internationally by TCB Media Rights.

World’s Greatest Palaces investigates the remarkable history, incredible feats of engineering and pioneering design behind some of the world’s biggest palaces, as well as the inspiring visions of the ambitious monarchs responsible for their creation. The series covers the elaborate baroque Schönbrunn Palace (Vienna), Hampton Court Palace (UK) which King Henry VIII transformed into his principal residence, and Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany) built atop an isolated cliff so the reclusive monarch King Ludwig II could lock himself away from everyone, to mention just a few.

Employing dramatic recreations and specialist interviews, each episode has been brought to life using drone filming, unique access and stunning new footage, ensuring that World’s Greatest Palaces really cracks open the mysteries behind these amazing royal structures. The series also highlights the political, historical and social context behind the visions of each ruler, as well as some of the myths that have sprung up around them!

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