Woodcut Media.

Paranormal Caught on Camera commissioned by Pick

DRG has pre-invested in the riveting new factual entertainment series.

Woodcut Media is in production with its latest commission Paranormal Caught on Camera for SKY owned free-to-air channel Pick. DRG, who have provided deficit financing for the series, will act as worldwide distributors.

Woodcut Media’s new six-part series delves into the realm of the paranormal as leading industry experts attempt to capture evidence of supernatural activity on camera, and document proof of the existence of this phenomenon by conducting thorough investigations in new locations and notorious haunted hotspots, as well as gathering evidence of paranormal activity captured on camera from around the globe. 

The series features contributions from people who have interacted with the afterlife as they describe their first-hand experiences with other realms, backing up their testimonies with evidence, mesmerizing footage and photographs.   A panel of experts made up of scientists, believers and sceptics will then analyse the findings, and attempt to unravel the truth behind these mysteries that have haunted humankind since the beginning of time!

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