Woodcut Media.

UKTV pre-invests in Royals on the Frontline.

Woodcut in production on a documentary exploring the British Royal Family during their military years.

Woodcut Media and Forces TV Productions have teamed up for the first time to produce a compelling three-part documentary series Royals on the Frontline (international title Windsors at War).  UKTV has pre-invested in the series and it will premiere on the broadcaster’s Yesterday channel in 2019.

Royals on the Frontline explores the experiences of the British Royal from World War II through to the modern day. Featuring incredible archive footage of the royals in service, the series covers Prince Harry’s evacuation from the frontline when his position was compromised by press, Prince Philip’s extraordinary experiences in the Royal Navy, Prince Andrew’s helicopter decoy exploits in the Falklands, the Queen’s rebellion against her father when she joined the ATS in WW2, and much more.

The documentary gives an insight into the most famous family in the world, showing a different side to their public persona, one where they put themselves directly in the line of fire to keep their country safe. 

Read the Press Release here.